Villa LaFinia

Ravintola ja majoitus

Mäenkylän koulutie 40, Kangasniemi – Luusniemi


Have your “little Christmas” dinner at LaFinia

Our restaurant is open to welcome you for a tasty dinner prepared with fresh and local food.
For groups from 2 to 20 persons.

LaFinia Menu
Welcome drink & appetizer

Starter fish
gravad lax salad – “Scandinavian salmon sushi”
or starter meat
Charcuterie plate  – selection of 3 cured or fresh meats

Main meat
Finnish Reindeer stew (Poronkaristys)
or main fish
A piece of Scandinavian Salmon

Homemade pie

Coffee or thee

Also vegeterian or glutenfree possible

Have a great time at Villa LaFinia

Majoitus - guest rooms

LaFinia Rooms
LaFinia offers 2 types of rooms.
There are 2 family rooms, suitable for 2-3 adults and 1-3 children. With a maximum of 5 persons a room. The room price is 110 euro per night including linen and towels.
We also offer 2 rooms for 2 adults and 1 child. With a maximum of 3 persons per room. The room price is 90 euro per night including linen and towels.

LaFinia works with respect for humans, animals & nature


We work with local food which is gathered or grown with care for the environment.


We prepare our food with a focus on sustainability and saving energy.


We try to work circular were we can to reduce our carbon footprint.


Our goal is to work in a way that our children can also enjoy the same bounty and beauty of nature.