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LaFinia General terms and conditions

1) General
● These general terms and conditions apply to all guests of LaFinia and all of LaFinia’s premises. With guests is also meant renters or users.

  • The owners of the LaFinia Ay are Mirugia Sikkens and Erik de Lange. The owners can also let themselves be replaced.
  • These general conditions are validated upon accepting the rental agreement.
  • All guests renting accommodation should have a permanent residency and a minimum age of 21 years.


  • The owners are not responsible for damage, loss or theft of belongings of the guests. In a situation of dispute the legal fees are for the guests. The administration of the owners is leading, unless the guests can prove otherwise. The owner decides in all aberrations not mentioned in the general conditions.
  • Damages and missing moving and non-moving objects of the owners have to be reported immediately and be paid for to the owners.
  • All risks concerning the stay at LaFinia are for the guests including personal damage.
  • If guests break the rules set forth in the general conditions or behave inappropriately, the owners can immediately summon the guest to leave without announcements and reason and without restitution of bills paid.
  • Lost keys and all costs concerned are charged to the guests.
  • Guests must follow instructions given by the owners.
  • Guest must comply to the following house rules and regulations.


2) Prices
● Cancellations or travel insurance are not included in the prices.

  • We reserve the right to change our prices at any time. This does not affect bookings already made.


3) Reservation and confirmation

  • The rental agreement can be engaged verbally, by phone, in writing or e-mail.
  • When the reservation request is received, LaFinia will send a definite conformation. After that the reservation is final for both parties.
  • There are no costs charged for making a reservation at LaFinia.


4) Payment

  • The invoice must be paid by bank 2 weeks before arrival date.

IBAN: FI27 5271 0420 4059 96 at OP Mikkeli on name of LaFinia Ay and the invoice number.

  • If the reservation is made within 2 weeks before arrival, the invoice must be paid in cash immediately after arrival.
  • All other costs -like food/drinks/snacks etc- have to be paid in cash before check out.
  • If you visit us and want to stay the same day, you will receive an invoice that should be paid in cash immediately.
  • If the booking is made 3 months or more before the arrival date a down payment must be made of 20% of the invoice.


5) Cancellation

  • If you can’t comply to the rental agreement, the owners must be informed as soon as possible, so the room can be offered to another party.
  • If the booking is cancelled the guest will pay a fee to the owner.

1) Cancellation within 2 weeks before arrival date, 25% of the invoice amount must be paid.

2) Cancellation within 1 week before arrival date, 50% of the invoice amount must be paid.

3) Cancellation on the arrival date or during stay, 100% of the invoice amount must be paid.
The payment must be done within 8 days on the bank account of LaFinia Ay.

  • To be allegeable for a refund of a paid invoice ( if granted) the cancellation must be made in writing (e-mail or post) and send to the owners.


6) Contact details
LaFinia Ay

Mäenkylän koulutie 40
51460 Luusniemi, Finland

Tel: 00316-42104805 or 00316-38067678

Y-tunnus: 2897542-4

7) Arrival and departure

  • At arrival you check in at the owner.
  • For identification you can be asked to show a passport or identity card.
  • On the arrival day you are welcome from 11.00 hours. The room will be ready from 15.00 hours.
  • On departure day the room must be free at 11.00 hours.
  • The key to the room/apartment is available at the owner. The key deposit is 20 euro for a stay within 7 days. With a longer stay the deposit is 50 euro. The deposit will be returned at departure if the room is left in same condition as before.
  • At an early departure there is no refund given.


8) Breakfast

  • Breakfast is served if reserved in the booking form.
  • If you did not reserve breakfast but do want to have it, you will inform the owner the day before untill 19.00 hours.


9) Your stay

  • Loud disturbing noise between 23.00-07.00 must be avoided.
  • Radio, tv or other devices may cause no disturbance to other guests.
  • Use of LaFinia by a third party is forbidden.
  • Visitors are not allowed to stay the night at the premises without payment or permission of the owner.


House rules

10) Conduct, safety & environment

  • Everybody staying at LaFinia is treated with respect and dignity concerning their autonomy, lifestyle, appearance and religion.
  • The privacy of other guests is respected.
  • Verbal or physical aggression is not allowed.
  • Sexual harassment is not allowed.
  • Open drunkenness is not allowed.
  • All kinds of weapons are forbidden.
  • Vehicles must be parked in the designated areas.
  • Pets of visitors are not allowed in the buildings.
  • Smoking in the whole building is not allowed, only in the designated areas outside.
  • Open fire is only allowed in the designated areas.
  • Maximum of number of persons per room may not be crossed due to safety
  • The presence of suspicious persons must immediately be reported to the owners.
  • Alcohol is only served to persons above 21 years.
  • From 18-21 a person can only be served an alcoholic beverage in the presence of a related person above 25 years.
  • Soft drugs and hard drugs are not allowed.
  • After closing time it is forbidden to stay in the public areas.
  • Everybody looks after the accommodation to keep it clean.
  • All animals on the premises are treated with respect.
  • First aid kit and fire extinguisher are at the entrance next to the kitchen.
  • Read the safety instruction at your arrival at LaFinia.
  • Waste should be separated in the designated bins.
  • Don’t let the water run unnecessarily.
  • Close doors to avoid loss of warmth.
  • Switch off lights when leaving the room.